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T-Mobile is a Fortune 500 company with $8.2B in revenue in 2018. They are a leading and fastest growing company in the wireless communications business. 


T-Mobile contacted Amass Media in regards to social media marketing for franchise locations. Their main goal was break through the obstacle of how consumers portray the average "sales guy". Before working with T-Mobile they were not present at the local level on social media. The team at Amass Media implemented a a strategic video content plan to accelerate the level of trust and bring in new customers.  


T-Mobile main goal was to break through the obstacle of how consumers portray sales people. After brainstorming, our team came up with a campaign called #KnowYourRep. These were short video assets that would accelerate the level of trust with consumers at the local level.


The results for T-Mobile were fantastic. Within one month (30 days) of working with T-Mobile our videos got x many views, x many shares. At the end of the month we asked T-Mobile how many sales they projected came from these videos. They reported an estimated $25,000 in additional monthly revenue.  

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