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Benefits of Facebook Advertising...

Ability to have an ad shown to a specific target audience on a specific day at a time. For example; think about a business who is slow between 3-4pm on Tuesdays who can run an offer only during these times.
The days of broad targeting are over. Consumers want a message that talks to them. With FB ads for example you can target women in Tampa who make $100k a year, drives a BMW, and has interests in horse back riding. Where else can you get that targeted?
Your potential customers are looking at their phone when they are driving, when they are watching TV, when they listen to music. So why are they not looking at you?
Facebook ads are still undervalued. By 2019 the price is ecpected to increase by 3x when more companies start to catch on to how effective the FB ads platform is. Why wait, when you can be first?

Helping Car Salesmen Increase Leads With Facebook Advertising

Join me (Brandon) on a call so that I can help show you what you need to do to get more leads as a car sales person.