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Connect with your Customers
Chatbots for Direct Marketing, Engagement and Ordering

The Shift.

Whats changing, and why should resturants consider a chatbot?


Diners have a new definition of convenience and restaurants need to respond! 

The focus on mobile has sharpened as digital technology influences behavior in all phases of the consumer journey - discover, search, locate, buy, and post-purchase. A responsive strategy that engages customers directly helps sustain profitable sales and build market share.


Recent years have witnessed the rise of 3rd party digital aggregators at the cost of brands whose competitive advantage, in controlling the customer experience and capturing customer data, has slowly chipped away.



New technologies such as chatbots that combine the potential of social media, messaging, artificial intelligence over text and voice interfaces can help lower the barrier to drive direct customer engagement and regain some of that lost ground.


The Solution.

An end-to-end guest experience management platform


Direct marketing

Harness the power of social media, messaging, AI and the mobile for direct customer engagement.

Brand engagement


Spread awareness. Curate conversations. Build experiences. Capture interest. Learn about customers.


Ordring & retargeting

Collect direct orders. Tap into customers network to build cost-effective loyalty and drive profitable sales.

Key features.

Subscription List

Remind customers when offers, discounts, events and promotions are around the corner. Deliver content based on guests interests.

eCoupons & Promotions

Incentivize and reward customers for fluid engagements. Reach out with relevant offers and promotions.

Ordering & Payments

Select, build cart, and check-out. Payment gateway integrations. NO COMMISSION on orders!


A single chatbot handles all the outlets. Location awareness for better customer experience.

Buy & Refer

Tap into your customers' social network to drive engagement and direct sales. Aquire customers directly and reengage them on new occasions.

Automated FAQs

AI handles frequently asked customer queries. Intelligence builds over time to free up your time.


Profile and customize content based on what the customers like.


Induce fun and keep the interactions light! Leaderboards, quizzes, personalities, jokes, and tidbits keep the engagement going.