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We thought you may have some of the same questions :)

Why hire an agency over an in-house person?
Amass Media is priced competitively with a team of in-house social media experts - instead of hiring one person, Amass Media remotely delivers an entire team right at your fingertips! We offer a variety of creative talent to keep the content fresh and have cultivated a wide range of partnerships in order
to help define the social media landscape of your industry. We also cause you very little paper
work and our expertise/knowledge will always outperform a pay-rolled employee.

How does it work? What happens after booking the initial retainer?
We work directly with the business by setting up either an in-person or virtual on boarding with one 
of our account managers or CEO. We’ll request information and materials as needed and develop 
content immediately in the form of a written advertorial, video production and photoshoot.

Is everything really covered under the retainer?
The initial setup fee is not part of the monthly fee and will be used to cover any set up costs (such
as website development, initial photo shoot, email marketing set up etc.), and can be itemized for
clarity and transparency. Additional costs may include models, hair and makeup artists and
stylists if they are outside our preferred network of talent. A minimal ad spend budget may also
be requested, especially if the client has requested e-commerce set up or on-going advertising. 

What does your reporting look like?
You’ll get a custom dashboard with all your PPC channels. And we formally update you every Monday.

You mentioned contracts. Do you require one?
Only a 3 month one, then month-to-month afterwards.