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More profit.
Less stress.

What we do

Amass Media helps companies bring relationships to social media. We do this by creating video content and running Google & Facebook ads. Our proven strategy called "RCM"​ (Rapid Content Method) designed to do three things. Get your ideal prospect to know, like, and trust you and keep your company top of mind. 

Understand Your
We work with you to understand your long term goals and your ideal client.
Customized Content &
We create full fledged high-value content pieces that actually tell your story, deliver value, and create the bond. 
Drive Traffic & Leads
We begin driving traffic to your content to increase exposure. Once we build "trust" we then drive traffic to your offers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require contracts?
Nope. We believe that our results do the talking. We do however give price breaks if your willing to have a long term relationship with us...cause you do plan to be in business for a while, right? Get in touch
How much do your services cost?
It all depends. First we need to see if we are a good fit to work with each other. We do offer media buying and lead generation starting under $1,000 and we work upwards of $10's of thousands for high end video production. Get in touch
What are all the services you provide?
Typically, we get hired at first to gather new leads and drive new sales. So we start with media buying & lead generation using multiple traffic sources (i.e. Google & Facebook.) Then we help with content creation (video production) and upwards to automation and customer retention process. Get in touch
What do I have to lose?
Nothing. If we can't get results for you then we are obviously not a good fit. In order for us to work together it must be a win-win. We usually know from our first discovery meeting whether we will be able to help you meet your overall goals. Get in touch
What makes you different then the rest of the agencies?
We don't over promise. Transparent communication with weekly reporting. Competitive pricing model. Strategic and proven advertising and content results. 
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