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3 Types of Videos Every Business Needs to Survive

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Theres a bunch of reasons and stats on why video and video marketing is the future. But not to bore you with those here is just one to keep in mind. 90% of people who watch videos on their mobile device are likely to share that video. That means when someone shares a video thats essentially FREE advertising for you. Whats even more powerful is the people who they share it with share common interest and typically close friends and family. And we all know what's the best form of marketing? Referrals from friends and family. Nothings changed, just the fact that good and even bad news shares faster than ever. Before you may have shared your experience about a business to one, two or maybe five people. Now you can share it to tens maybe even hundreds of people at once.

Bottom line is video is powerful and it's here to stay. You can either embrace it and grow your business or watch your business become irrelevant in the next year. So what are the three videos we recommended every business to make and promote?

Brand Story

A brand story is a video that is designed to evoke emotion and connect with the person watching it. It is your story on why you do what you do, what makes you unique and specifically how you can help your customer. Someone connects with you when they feel understood. This video should typically be 2 to 3 minutes in length.

Customer Stories or Testimonials

Just as it sounds you get customers from the past to share their experience on camera again that connects with the person watching. Why did they choose you, what stood out to them, what was the process like and why would they recommend other to you? These videos should typically be around 1 minute in length.


You may have heard the term information marketing. Essentially this is what we mean. In the form of videos you truly try to help your ideal customer overcome their challenges. While the first two types of videos are important in building a sense on trust and relationship at scale these videos are just as important. These videos position you as an authority figure in your space and community and connect with your ideal customers in a way that makes them feel like you can help them.

An example that we often give is say you're a local chiropractor. One challenge that someone may be experiencing right now that you can help with is lower back pain. You know that if serious they will need to come in, but right now you may film a short 1 minute video on a lower back stretch that can help mitigate that pain.

When combining these videos in a strategic way it can do wonders to not only get more customers and grow your business, but the level of customers that will pay you more money and truly become your friends.

If you'd like to see how we help our clients position these videos to grow their businesses then check out out article: 96% of visitors that go to your website for the first time leave without doing anything

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