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96% of visitors that go to your website for the first time leave without doing anything

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

You heard that right. According to Google 96% of visitors that go to your website for the first time do not do anything. They don't call you, email you, message you, fill out a form or even buy what you have. Can you guess where they go after leaving your website?

You probably guessed right. They most likely go to your competitors website. But don't panic, because as we already know from human behavior they will leave their website too. So you may be asking how do I capture more of the 96%. Let me share that with you.

In the digital and internet marketing you have whats called re-targeting or in Googles terms re-marketing. With the best example we can give that you will most likely relate to sounds something like this. You go to Amazon or a travel website. You don't actually purchase the product, flight or hotel that you were looking at. So then what happens? You start seeing that product from Amazon or that flight you searched on the travel website all over the internet. This is re-targeting or re-marketing. And you can do this with your website visitors.

In fact, the strategy I'm about to share with you can increase your online conversions to around 26%. That means for every 100 people that visit your website we can get 26 of them back to call or message you about your product or service.

First you must have what's called tracking code or pixels installed on your website. This is what allows marketers like us track who comes to your website and then have the ability to show them advertisements on platforms such as Google, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. What we find fascinating is that businesses often spend thousands of dollars, sometimes tens of thousands on a website, yet either it was built before the time or simply they just didn't care to educate you on it at that time. (We have tools that can automatically check and we advise every business to take us up on our offer to check for you for FREE.)

Once you have these tracking codes and pixels installed now it's time to show them advertisements. Not just any advertisements though. We want to show them specific videos in a certain way that ultimately connects and builds trust with that potential customer.

Check out our short article on the three types of videos every business needs to survive. We first show them your brand story video, following that your customer testimonial or story video(s) and finally educational videos.

By showing these videos in this certain sequence to the people who visited your website for the first time you will now get 70% of those people coming back.

You may be wondering why so many videos? Because consumer behavior shows us that 80% of sales happen on the 8th to 12th contact/touch point you make with someone. Of course it can happen at any point. What's even more appealing about this strategy is the fact that when you actually educate the end consumer on what you do, why you do it and how you can help them it builds a level a trust that makes them want to do businesses with you and spend more money.

Ultimately, this strategy builds a level of trust, educates them so by the time they come in they know you can help them and in turn they are willing to spend more money.

If you'd like to see if you have tracking on your website reach out today and we'd be happy to check for free. Schedule here.

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