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How realtors can use social media

August 19, 2016

 How do  you leverage social media to sell real estate? Real estate is always a hot topic, and this one question always gets brought up. If your a realtor and you have the same question then this post will walk you though how you can leverage social media to hopefully gain more leads. 


1. Constancy

The number one most important thing to keep in mind is to always be consistent. Just like with anything, if you are tying to lose weight, gain muscle mass, build a business, it's those incremental changes that make the difference. Social media is the same; you must make sure that you continuously put out content and are consistent at what you are doing. The best way is to focus on one thing at a time and have a strategy in place. You can find out more about strategy by reading our previous blog, here. 


2. Create the right content

As a realtor you must never forget that real estate is local. With that being said, think about where locals go, what makes the area your selling in unique, stand out, and makes people want to move or stay in that area? 


3. Facebook Live

Are you a fan of open houses? Most realtors are and nothing against it, however, make sure you start using Facebook live when you show up to do an open house. You can read this post that goes into greater detail of what Facebook live is. So how do you use Facebook live as a realtor? Here are a couple examples. If you have a following on your page then you could always start a FB live video that walks them through a new listing. Or better yet, set up a landing page on your website and run an ad on Facebook who of people who are homebuyers who also have shown an interest in likely to move. Mention in the ad that you are holding an online walkthrough of the house on this day at this time. 


4. Facebook Ads

Times have changed, and with that being said homebuyers attention has shifted. One platform their attention has shifted to is Facebook. Using Facebook's paid advertising platform allows you (the realtor) to be in control of who will see your ads. In the real estate industry, maybe you are trying to sell a house in Miami, Florida. With Facebook ads you could place an ad in front of everyone in Miami or specific zip codes who are homeowners. You can also narrow it be choosing people who have shown an interest in likely to move. On top that of say you have specific demographics of recent buyers or of the type of people who live in the neighborhood; maybe their are a lot of kids, or maybe most people in that specific neighborhood earn a certain income. With that being said, you need to dig deeper into the core demographics of who would likely buy the home. Because, once you know that, you can narrow your audience even further, and chose parents who also make a certain income per year. 













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