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How Realtors Can Leverage Snapchat To Sell Real Estate

September 12, 2016



In order to be great at digital marketing for real estate it all comes down to one thing. knowing the story around the property, the lifestyle, and the locale. And there is no better way than to leverage Snapchat to help you do that. Agents around the country are following these simple tactics to increase leads and ultimately driving sales. I came up with a step-by-step checklist to help you make sure you are on the right path towards accomplishing the same results.


Benefits of using Snapchat:


  • It's real (you can't edit and fake the videos you take)

  • People's attention are already on the platform (including buyers and other agents)

  • It's fast; no set up, no camera man, no editing

  • It's visual

  • Start getting more listings by explaining to potential home sellers that you use new media tactics to market their property, and get it sold sooner


Understand your market:


  • Write down your ideal market that you wish to establish yourself in

  • Based on your ideal market, think about they lifestyle and the type of people in that area (this should match up with what you have to offer)

  • Based on the lifestyle and type of people, jot down what you think they like, dislike, what content do they consume, where do they consume it, and at what time of the day do you think they consume it? (This is ideal for when you take snaps around your area and what the snaps include.)


Take action:


  • Sign up for a Snapchat account if you don't already have one (connect with people in your contacts)

  • Be consistent; don't just post for one week and then never do it again.

  • Each property your Snapchat story should include; the kitchen, bathrooms, family room, and the pool or any extras. (Don't snap about little closets, focus on the main selling points.)

  • Ask engaging questions, such as "What was your favorite area of the house?" What do you like most about the house? etc.


Follow these to grow your Snapchat following:


  • Put your Snapchat handle on your other profiles and pages of other social networks (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.)

  • Start to reach out to other agents in the area and add each other on Snapchat

  • Add your Snapchat handle to the bottom of your email signature

























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