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How to target your customers through Facebook while they are at your competitors location

April 4, 2018

In this blog post we discuss how to target an ideal client/customer using geo-fencing with Facebooks ad platform. When setting up an ad you have the ability under "Location" to choose options such as people recently in this location, or people traveling in this location. Let's go into some examples of how you can use these targeting options as a business.


Example #1: Tourism, if your business feeds off of tourist much like Florida businesses on the beach, then it would be ideal to target 'people recently traveling in this location', then set the actual location to your business and set a radius. Now you have a better chance to get those people to come visit. 


Example #2: Competition, this is huge. Think about having the ability to target your ideal customer by looking for those people who visit your competitors location(s). Holy cow, right? Larger companies are great at this, such as you could be sitting in the BMW dealership and all of sudden you are scrolling through your newsfeed and see a Lexus ad. That's powerful. This is how you do it. First, set your location preference to 'people recently in this location.' Second, you want to now put the address of your competitors location, NOT yours. From there, only make the radius 1mile (that's the least you can do.)


Example #3: Places your ideal customer spends time, this is great if you understand where your ideal customer spends time at. For example, if you know that your ideal customer spends time at Starbucks, then you simple choose 'people recently in this location' and then put the address in of the Starbucks you want to target. Then make sure to set the radius to 1 mile. 


Or if you know they spend time at a local restaurant, target that. Either way if their are multiple places, then create a separate ad for each. 


If you found this valuable, make sure to check out the Facebook page and YouTube channel. 



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