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Giving back to veteran owned businesses.

Amass Media was seeking an opportunity to help contribute our resources to solve problems. After further research we landed on one problem we felt we could help with. 

That led us to helping veteran owned business and giving them a helping hand when it came to advertising their company. 

Half of all American World War ll veterans eventually became entrepreneurs. What happened? 

A combination of things. Entrepreneurship is down across the board; however, while vets tend to be more entrepreneurial than the average person what has drastically changed is the resources available. For example, this century's version of the G.I. Bill is considered one of the most generous, it does not provide access to low-interest loans to start a business; the G.I. Bill of World War II did.  

Our clients allow us to help share our resources with veteran owned businesses allowing them to hire veterans with phycological problems such as PTSD.

Thank you to everyone who makes this happen!

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